All of a sudden ActiveSync stopped synchronizing the notes that I have associated with my Contacts in Outlook. Microsoft says that I need to create a new .pst file, but that makes no sense to me, as this just happened for no apparent reason, without any error message, and no software has changed on either my PDA or my laptop PC.

The notes ate still in my Outlook Contacts on my laptop, but no longer on my PDA. Interestingly, when I edit a contact on my PDA and try to add a Note, it will not allow me to enter any data, yet on my laptop all is working fine -- I can edit and change my contact notes to my heart's content.

Any clues?

I am using a Dell Axim X50v with PocketPC 2003 Second Edition, version 4.21.1088.

Other pertinent detail:
Windows XP Professional SP2 -
Microsoft Outlook 2003 Professional -
Activesync 4.1.0