I have a question for all the cutting edge Windows Mobile people.

I have  a PPC6700 with Activesync 4.1. I cannot use my personal firewall F-Secure Client Anti Virus Security with Activesyn 4.1.  I have called UTstar, they says the issue should be resolved with Activesync 4.2.

Has anyone tested Activesync 4.2 and PPC6700 with their firewall?

If the beta is rock solid and it fixes the firewall/activesync, I will download and test.

The other question I have is regarding the A2DP hack and if anyone has tested with Bluetake 420 bluetooth headset, I have tried and it did not work, works with dongle, its a pain to use dongle.

Has anyone had success with A2DP hack with PPC6700 and Bluetake Bluetooth 420 headset?

if not any suggestions of headsets that will work with A2DP hack and PPC6700?

Thank You