I use my Samsung i730 (PocketPC 2003SE) to synchronize my work calendar
(desktop Win2000/Outlook 2003) with my home computer
(desktop WinXP/Outlook 2003). When I have generated a
meeting request at work (with MS Exchange server
attendees, not attendees from Outlook Contacts), and use
Activesync to update my Pocket PC from that work computer,
the scheduled meeting shows up (as it should) on my Pocket
PC. When I then sync with my home computer, the meeting
requires resolving in Activesync.  Resolution requires me
to either create a new contact on my home PC for all the
work attendees included in the meeting request (something
I don't want) or map each attendee to an existing contact
on my home computer (also not desired). There is no option
I can find to do neither. If I cancel the operation, it
continues to show as an unresolved appointment, which
doesn't appear on my home calendar.
The only way out that I've found is to go into the
attendees list in the Pocket PC version of the meeting
prior to performing a sync at home and deselect the work
attendees from the resulting contact list.  Is there
another way around this?

Thanks for your help.