OK i'm trying to put linux on my xbox, I made a USB port thing to plug in USB devices to my Xbox and it works. I have XBMC on my xbox but i still have access to the regular MS Dashboard on my xbox. My problem is when I take the USB thumb drive from the xbox and plug it into the computer I cant figure out how to use the 'Stick Explorer' program (that I was told to use in order to "Flash" or "write" the MechAssualt Game Save withe the Linux installer on it), Because apparently the xbox uses 'FATX' and the computer uses 'FAT' or 'FAT32". Everytime i go to try and open the Thumb drive it says it needs to Format it. But I cant have it do that! I'm really getting frusterated with my Xbox and I'm about ready to give up. But I know that wont get me anywhere! Well I hope someone can help me Thanks!

P.S. A lot of this stuff is boarderline Giberish.. So if you can help me please talk in plain english lol thanks you guys!