So I got a Steelseries Siberia 350 and I have to say the sound quality is kind of weird, not sure if it's faulty or a configuration issue but I want some advice and opinion.

I had a Siberia v2 Heat Orange edition and I really liked it, felt good and the sound was good in my opinion. This 350 sounds kind of tinny. When I play games everything sounds a lot cheaper, less rich, not very bassy and kind of echoey like putting your ear to a tube. It's really taking me out of the immersion of games.


Playing music sounded garbage at first. I downloaded Steelseries Engine and tried setting the config to Music and turning surround sound off and it definitely helped make the music more bassy and sound acceptable, but I feel like I can't hear as much "detail" in the music; it's like certain instruments in certain songs sound more muffled / lower volume compared with my old headset where it was clearer.

Any advice or thoughts on this? This headset cost more than the old one and it should be superior in spec if I am not mistaken, but at this moment I think it sounds worse.