So here's the issue: Just moved to NZ, got a new xbox with my Orcon subscription. Go to play online. Can't connect to EA servers. Hmmm. Alright. Open up all the ports allow sharing. Set my xbox to be free to roam. Bam. Works perfectly. Not a ton of servers but they are full and active and latency was good. Go to bed. Wake up the next day. Same issue arrives. Check my Fritzbox settings. All the same. Check my xbox multiplayer connectivity settings. Hmmm. 


Reset the router. Back in action again. Great maybe a 1 time thing. Come home from work. Same thing. Reset the router. Works again. So at this point I'm highly agitated that I have to reset the router every fudging time I want to play. Then today. The reset doesn't work. Well fudge. Go through all the help articles I can find. Open up the ports to all EA using ports UDP and TCP. Still not working. Call Orcon. They tell me to call Xbox. I know that will get me no where.


I've run out of Troubleshooting options. I'm thinking maybe it's a static IP issue. Either way I'm sitting on $600 worth of gaming hardware and connection that is useless to me. Anyone else out there experience this issue?