Between the 22-> 29 October it is Melbourne's International Games Week ( ) which ends in PAX Australia (


On the weekend of the 28th/29th I'm going to Melbourne to do some escape rooms. Melbourne has some really good escape rooms (Best in Australia) and I'm done some other ones there in the past.


There is also a meet up on a lot of the Australasian Escape room owners/enthusiasts on the night of the 28th Oct at Trapt in Melbourne which is a Bar/Escape Room.


A few of my planned rooms are full but I have these left:

28th - The Mystery Rooms - The Medieval Quest  (12:00 -> 1:00)  
29th - Escape Room Melbourne - Mine Escape (12:00 -> 1:30)
29th - Escape Room Melbourne - Kellar's Magic Emporium (2:00 -> 3:30)

If you are in in Melbourne over this time or going to Pax and have some time please get in touch with me.


If you want to see what an escape room is like have a look at these Videos:


They are an example of escape rooms but some are a lot better and some are a lot worse but they are all quite different.