So, I am usually pretty critical of Microsoft esp in recent times where I feel they have unravelled in quality control, in UI design, in failing to continue to be a tech company, who seem to now be controlled by the marketing division. 


However, I feel I am pretty fair, and will give credit where it's due, and in the past week I have had an experience I consider quite highly. 


I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of an Xbox One X. I have had every Xbox since the X360, though none of them have got much attention due to my much higher preference for my Playstation(s). I don't prefer the Xbox controller, the UI is horrible comparatively, but there are a couple of areas I have found MS are superior and a couple I have found they aren't as bad as I once thought. 


Firstly the reason for my thread was how painless my migration from my Xbox One S was, to my Xbox One X. I think the entire switch over, from turning off the old one to being able to play a game on the new one was under 20 minutes, 12 of which was it upgrading my software. 


Essentially, I unplugged the External HDD from my old box and plugged it into the new one. It booted up, recognised a config file and was operational super quickly. 


Secondly, over Xmas they had some outstanding games on special I bought. As a result, I have spent a lot of hours playing The Division (Which I highly recommend since it's 1.8 upgrade). I found the controller to be less "big" than I had experienced before and am reasonably competent with it. My only real remaining complaint is that the bumpers on the shoulders of the controller don't have a nice feel, it's hard to know sometimes if you pressed them, I have accidentally hit it twice before realizing, wasting resources..


I haven't used the Xbox Backward compatibility much but the list of titles is really great. 


If only I could get instant on and resume back into my games instantly, I'd be super happy. 


I won't be taking my xbox on holiday with me this week, my PS4 still holds the top spot, but at least I feel like I didn't just buy it as a result of FOMO and have it sitting unused in the corner. 


Lastly, I forgot, credit to MS for their ability to stream to my PC. It wasn't trouble free setting up, their xbox controller pairing guide is flat out wrong, but it did work and pretty well I might say.