I was exploring some suggestions around how to run RetroArch on Xbox, as part of my retro gaming journey, and it seems to be possible if I have a developer account for Xbox.  I followed some instructions online which directed me to aka.ms/activatexbox.  That URL resolved to the MS Partner Centre.  I deduced that I needed a Windows Developer Account, and the page I found seemed to be right.  But after filling in my details, and clicking through to the payment page, it came back with the helpful message "Sorry, something went wrong, please try again later."  It included a correlation ID and vector (whatever that is), a box to "explain what was happening when I got the error message", but no clear way to get in touch with MS to resolve the issue.  I've tried again in multiple browsers, on different days, and it still won't work.  I'm at a lost for what to do now.  There's no information in the error message which lets me troubleshoot what I've done wrong.


I seriously doubt that the developer sign up process is broken (I'm sure MS would notice that they hadn't received any new developer registrations after a while), but I can't see what I'm doing wrong.  Anyone have any ideas what I could try?