I think Xbox Live should get a pretty big nomination for the most stupid system setup award.

I finally got a Xbox 360 last week and just set it up with my existing windows live account with a silver membership as you do. I thought it was a little strange that even though I specified NZ as the location that the address details insisted on a US postal code and State. Dumb US system I think so just use the good old 90210 zip code and away we go.

All was fine but it was a little weird that some content like movies and tv shows were showing up and then if I tried to access them it was coming up with a you can't access this message, but still I'm only shrugging at this stage.

Soooooo I decide that I'd take a look at the gold membership and this is where the fun starts. You see once I put in a credit card it again asks for an address and this time it all fails. So I think fine let's get that address changed for good. Ummmm yeah. You would think that changing the country on an account would be easy but apparently it's not possible. Not only is it not possible but not even the support staff can do it. Just when you thought that it couldnt get more absurb you can't even delete an account and recreate it even if it has never been used as is the case with this one.

So all looks pretty dumb so far but it gets worse. You may be able to transfer a gamertag between different two different live accounts but of course it keeps the original gamertag location, and once it's bound to an account you can't detach it. Not only that but once you move it you can't move it again for 30 days.

Not only that but talking to the nice customer support people it appears that having a credit card statement delivered to a post box isn't allowed either as my initial problem with using my credit card was because their lookup of my credit card billing information idn't match the address I gave them for the account and they do not support non-physical addresses.

While doing some research to find a work around it also appears that the redeem codes are region specific too so even if I wanted to just by the xbox live cards this still wouldn't work as they'd be NZ numbers trying to be used on a US account.

In the end I just had to bite the bullet and set up a new live account and new gamertag but wait the fun doesn't end there. Now all my old save game information for single player games is gone. I guess I might be able to save the game to a memory card and transfer it that way but I'm guessing that this wouldn't work either.

So in general I guess there's some very small issues with xbox live
  • In Xbox live land you MAY NOT move country unless you want to abandon your old account and start from scratch
  • Once you're in don't even think about leaving. Your account is there for good whether you like it or not
  • In Xbox Live land you MAY NOT have your credit card delivered anywhere other than your house.
  • You should know that if a gamertag has already been created that it will use the region it was created in even if you tell it something else.
  • If you do still want to join this wonderful community then be prepared to start from scratch with everything.
  • and finally if you do screw it up dont ask the support staff to fix it.
I'd love to find the BA that designed this system. Just as well people never move country anymore I guess.