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Ultimate Geek

# 31280 11-Mar-2009 15:09
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hey all

I'm finally debating getting one of the 2 consoles (we already have a Wii), and was wondering what peopl thought of both of them. Im kinda heading towards the xbox way as theyrre cheaper, and there seems to be more games. Im not particulary interested in the PS3 Bluray. (If i want BR I'll buy a Br player).

Does anybody have any advice or "points to note" when going for one of them?


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Master Geek

  # 200684 11-Mar-2009 19:41
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First of all, I own both consoles and think the PS3 is slightly better IMO.
PS3:      Total: $700-$800
Built in WiFiBuilt in BluRay playerBuilt in rechargeable batteries.No RROD.Less exclusivesMulti-platform games look the same.$700 - $80080GB Hard-driveFree Online play.No additional costs.

Xbox 360     Total:Around $700 with the mentioned accessories minus 150 if no HDD.
Cheap ($450, if you want HDD, $300 if not)No Wifi ($150)No rechargeable batteries ($40)60Gb Hard-drive Xbox live membership ($80 per year)No Bluray/HD DVDRRODMore exclusivesMultiplat looks the same.

Main exclusives for PS3: MGS4, Little Big Planet, Killzone 2, Gran Turismo, Warhawk, MotorStorm etc.Main exclusives for Xbox 360: Halo 3, Halo wars, Gears of War, Fable II, Mass Effect,  Forza 2, saints row, dead rising etc

All I can think of at the moment.

If you are planning to play Xbox Live and use WiFi and buy rechargeable batteries, the costs are very similar.Also, the console you want should be solely on the games you prefer as the costs are the same...

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Ultimate Geek

  # 200713 11-Mar-2009 20:57
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I have a PS3...

Ill keep it simple..

If you wana play games.. buy a Xbox 360..

If you wana watch dvi & blu-rays then buy a PS3

If you want the best of both worlds and have 1K more that both consols buy a high end PC..


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Ultimate Geek

  # 200733 11-Mar-2009 21:52
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Had a Xbox360, sold it and now have a PS3....

Of then two I much prefer the PS3. All the bits are there from day one, plays games, plays divx, plays music, displays photos and also Blu-ray.

If I were to chose from a dedicated BR player or a PS3 I would get the PS3. You get firmware updates on a regular basis, which you wouldn't get with a normal player.


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Uber Geek


  # 200735 11-Mar-2009 22:02
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as AmooMan said if you want to game get a 360, more exclusives e.g new Grandtheft Auto IV Download Addon- better online play (from what Ive experianced)

I have a PS3 and 360 and find my self gaming on 360 and using the ps3 as a blueray player apart from the odd game such as grand trismo

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Uber Geek

  # 200744 11-Mar-2009 22:40
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As above, had a 360, sold it and got a PS3.

The PS3 is MUCH quieter, looks nicer (IMO), and does more "stuff". That said I got the first NZ batch which still has 4 USB ports, the card readers and better backwards compatibility.

There seems to be more good PS3 exclusives for 2009 than for the 360, the current back-catalogue is nothing too exciting although MGS4 and Killzone2 are pretty cool, Uncharted is a blast too.

Oh yeah, and it plays Blu-Ray.

If you are a big-time online gamer, then you might be swayed towards the 360 as the online support is a lot better than the PS3s, but at least the PS3s is completely free. Both platforms suffer from a glut of DLC and not terribly fantastic store interfaces.

The current 360's you'd buy _should_ be "Jasper" units and (probably) free of the usual RRoD issue. Still use cheap noisy DVD drives though, but installing games to HDD (which is a great option!) makes playing them relatively noise-free.

Playstation home is a complete waste of time.

Remember, if you get a 360, you need a hard-drive (an extra if you get the "arcade" unit, standard with the other packages) as the memorycards are just too small to be useful, and wireless is an (expensive) extra if you really want that too. You also can't use standard USB controllers on the 360 should you be so inclined, not that most of them work properly on the PS3 unless they're Logitech steering wheels.

Both support Keyboard & Mouse, neither use them (that I'm aware of) outside of their built-in interfaces & the PS3's web-browser.

PS3 has longer loadtimes, but other than the original MotorStorm, I've never found it to be an issue.

PS3 games are (almost?) all region free, so you can import them, not so great with the current exchange rate.

Basically, unless you're a huge Halo universe fan or really into online gaming, I'd say get the PS3.

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Ultimate Geek


# 200774 12-Mar-2009 09:45
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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it: The RRoD problem on the 360 has been fixed and now as common as the YLoD (Yellow Light of Death)

I have both the 360 (Jasper) and Wii. I've also had a PS3 for the past 2 weeks which I'm borrowing before buying one for myself.

Heres how I see it

The PS3 is esthetically better, and packed with more features out of the box. The price reflects that.
Online experience? 360 better by a mile. (Tip: Noel Leeming has usually got the cheapest prices on LIVE subscriptions, you can pick one up for $70 and even for sub $55 when they are on special) Titles: 360 better IMO. Not happy about the backward compatibility being removed from new PS3.

Graphics: They are really both there but on some titles, IMO, the 360 is better by a whisker.

Just a tip regarding the connectivity on the 360, if you decide to buy a 360, forget the proprietary wireless adapter. Instead get yourself an Apple Airport Express. Apple just put their prices up but you can still pick one up in some store for $149 (i.e. Noel Leeming, DSE). It's just $10 cheaper that the Microsoft wireless adapter but more bang for your buck IMO. (and I'm using this system on my 360)

360 lacks bluetooth while PS3 has Bluetooth 2.0 - so you can use your own BT headset on the PS3. The blu-ray on the PS3 is good value for money but nothing to write home about. I'd rather just get a standalone Bluray player or HT with updated hardware. I'm biased because I have a Samsung HT-BD2T.

The 360 is a lot quieter with the Jasper chipset - DVD player is still fairly noisy.

Finally, my preference is the following 1-360 2-PS3 3-Wii. Not much between the 360 and the PS3 in my book but a country mile between the PS3 and the Wii - but still great having.

Buy both. There I said it.

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Master Geek
Inactive user

  # 200785 12-Mar-2009 11:01
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I've both.

I play the Xbox 360 probably 20 times more than the PS3, while my 10 year old plays them both about the same (when I let him).

Like other people have said, I find the Xbox better for gaming and the PS3 for movies. Can't stand the PS3 controllers but seem to be the only person who thinks that .. perhaps I have fat fingers.

Xbox does sound like one of those toy helicopters sometimes.

My preference is Xbox unless you have a HD TV.


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Ultimate Geek

# 200814 12-Mar-2009 13:22

my vote is in for the PS3, unless you have no life and play online games all day, then you may want a 360.

the PS3 concedes on price, but makes the 360 look like a 286. GTA4 compared running side-by-side on the two platforms (in HD) shows how much of an edge the PS3's hardware has. Lens effects, filters and everything else just look better. depends on software though, some games that were created for Xbox 360 have not been ported to PS3 well and suffer, eg Destroy All Humans 2 which makes me wonder if the developers were being paid enough.

PS3 has a web browser (with flash) and although I wouldn't write home about it, it does work with youtube, trademe, stuff and gmail, etc.

360 for die-hard FPS gamers with the Microsoft-hugs, PS3 for the average person if you ask me.

and Forza 2 doesn't hold a candle to Gran Turismo, physics in Forza 2 are pathetic.

Sniffing the glue holding the Internet together

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  # 200836 12-Mar-2009 15:00
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barf: my vote is in for the PS3, unless you have no life and play online games all day, then you may want a 360.

I have a PS3 and an Xbox360.  I also have a job, and I leave the house.  Please don't fall back on lame fanboy comments.

While the PS3 is hardware wise considered more advanced than the 360,  I think they are actually quite similar graphics wise.  And yes, I am running both consoles in HD (1080p), on a 60 inch Bravia.

The main point I find disappointing about the Xbox360 is that it uses DVDs, and makes quite a large amount of noise when spinning the disc in the drive.
Luckily with the latest firmware updates you can copy the disc to the hard drive, and only need the disc in the drive on game startup to verify it and loads the rest of the hard drive.  Apart from Halo3 all the games seem to load a bit faster.  Main reason for me is the noise.

Here is a link to Eurogamer, which regularly has UNBIASED game comparisons of the Xbox360 vs the PS3 versions.

360 for die-hard FPS gamers with the Microsoft-hugs, PS3 for the average person if you ask me.

I am nowhere near a die-hard FPS gamer, and I have a Xbox360.  I actually am more into Driving / Racing.  Fanboy comment FAIL.

643 posts

Ultimate Geek

  # 200839 12-Mar-2009 15:28

dont' bite the bait too hard, ad hominem could reflect upon your character; I just presented my scathing opinion of the Xbox, I've had to repair hordes of them so consider myself qualified to comment at least.

We should settle this in Gran Turismo ;-)

Sniffing the glue holding the Internet together

606 posts

Ultimate Geek

  # 200898 12-Mar-2009 21:01
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Thanks for the advice guys.

Looks like I'll be getting the PS3 on the weekend :-)

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Ultimate Geek

  # 200939 13-Mar-2009 02:11
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If you wanna play FPS games, get a PC.

As far as everything else is concerned, the PS3 is pretty good. Have had one for a couple of months (Mate brought it round and its been here since!).

One major gripe with the 360 is perhiperals. They need to be MS aprooved and have a special chip or something in them from what I've been told. This means that your Logitech G25 steering wheel won't work with your 360 when you want to play Forza 2. Bummer, as its a great game :(
Thats not a problem with the PS3 however. You should be able to even use the clutch a H gate shifter.

MS did bring out a HD-DVD accessory for the 360, but as we all know, Bluray won the format war, and MS have no plans to release a Bluray drive for the 360.

I also think its a little cheeky that you have to pay to play online with the 360, whereas the PS3 is free.

I may sound bias here, but in actual fact, I think I'm being quite fair! I mean, for starters, I used to hate Sony and the Playstation when they first came out, as I was a huge Sega fan, and they pretty much killed Sega as a console developer and reduced them to a software company.
I'm also an ATI fan, and the 360 uses an ATI GPU, and the PS3 uses an nVidia GPU. And I like Microsoft as well!

It'd be nice if the PS3 had full backwards compatibility, but its no biggie to wipe the dust of your old PS2.
And whats the deal with game data that gets saved to the PS3 HDD? I've seen some games take up to 3gb! SHEESH! I remember when memory cards were like 128kb on the original Playstation, and it was a huge leap when they went to 8mb on the PS2!

But playing Bluray is a big bonus. HDMI to a 1080 TV looks amazing.

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