Well I finally got round to playing Divine Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga for the pc tonight, all I can say is this game is jaw dropping beautiful only a few hours into it but loving it.  I can never get enough of RPG games and  Like always im a late starter, most RPGers would of wiped this off their hdd and moved onto some other gem like Witcher II. Though being late is not always a bad thing cause by the time I get round to playing the game the bugs have been fixed. :D

Anyway I went to their site tonight to sign up on the forums and read about their competition they running. Create a game for the iPhone Winner gets investment of 20k and 50/50 shares in loyalties.   It might be limited to UK only but it doesn't state that, just thought I would put it here for the appz freaks. Comp Ends Sept 11.

This is your chance! Larian Studios and Gameland are organizing the Design your Own Game competition through which you get the chance to make your ideas reality: to make them become a fully fledged game.

More info here: http://www.larian.com/yourgame.php