Hey guys,

I have finally got my network of an adsl modem and wireless print server to work by ringing up d-link. That works perfectly now, BUT somethin else has come up. After running Network Setup Wizard loads of times, when trying to get the network to work correctly before, in my Network Connections panel, it shows my Wireless connection (i'm on a laptop) fine but suddenly it shows an Internet Gateway icon, that I can only presume is an ICS connection. I can't turn it off because it says its busy and there are no options in my wireless connection properties to turn it off! I don't want my laptop to think that its having to connect through 1 of the other laptops on the network, but just connect directly through the wireless network. I've been connected to other wireless networks for internet purposes and this Internet Gateway has never appeared.

It annoys me the most because my internet connection, since this gateway icon has appeared, has been disconnecting and slowing to a hault every couple of misnutes! Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!