I am trying to setup a wireless network so people in my house hold can use their laptops while the desktop uses the ethernet cord.
the two people that came to stay in my house bought a asus WL-530g and a dse ethernet adsl router. when i use the adsl on its own its able to go on net with no trouble, but when i connect the asus WL the net just stop working. i have configured them to have different ips etc. when i check the asus WL typing with the Asus connected into the desktop while the adsl is connected to the WAN of the asus, it says its connected but net still doesn't work. ive tried disabling all firewall etc. and no difference.
Im really troubled and have been browsing the net for all sollution and no results. its probably cause im not really good at these things... could someone help me with this? Im on xtra btw.