I have a Belkin Play Max router, which has worked fine for a few years. Other than a dumbed-down interface and a lack of status lights on the front, it's a good bit of kit.

I also have networked Western Digital media players. They are all on the same network and I can navigate to them from the PC, and also navigate to their drives and browse them etc using my tablet or my phone over WiFi. So, to answer the obvious questions - everything is on the same network and can see the other connected gear, and all firmware us up to date.

The Problem

The problem is there is a nice remote app that can be downloaded to phones and tablets. But when I install it, it fails to see any of the media players on the network. Same result for android phone, android tablet, and iPod - all of which should work.

After much hunting, I have found a number of people with the same issue. They appear to have been able to resolve it by disabling IGMS proxying on their router. The problem is, I can't figure out how to do this on the Play Max router. It seems to be enabled by default, with no way to disable it. Other routers do let you do this.

Does anyone know whether/how this can be disabled on a Play Max router?

(it's really starting to bug me!)