I have been looking at getting ADSL broadband, and one isp has a pretty good plan for me, and they also have the Speedstream 6520 wireless modem for only $61 (normally $100 more).  The price is pretty good, but is this modem any good?
I found the spec's below by googling, but I don't know half what that means, and someone out there might also know from experience what they're like to use etc.  I will probably get the 2Mbps download (128Kbps upload) speed plan, and I will just be connecting one laptop to it (within my house).


Also (this is might seem like a dumb question but I am pretty new to all this wifi stuff):
Even with ADSL2, max speeds will be 24Mbs.  802.11g has maximum speed of 54Mbs, which is quite a bit more than ADSL2.  What sort of actual wifi speeds would you expect for typical usage (ie not right next to router)?  And do the 'faster' routers with the draft 'n' standard actually give you any better speeds when you're limited to the ADSL speed?