Hello (please excuse the long post!), 

Could I please have some guidance on the following (and please bear in mind, I'm not the most technically minded!! sorry! but will try and give you all the facts). 


We have set up a new wireless router at home (Netgear N150) as our old Netgear router kind of died after 6 years use. I know the N150 is an older model, but I think it's fine for what we need the router to do. The router itself works fine (in general) and was easy to set up (as you'd expect). We are a Vodafone customer and recently had a new modem installed by them (1 week ago), so both new router and new modem. 


We use both Android and IOS devices on the wireless router (and a Laptop running Windows). My wife is a blogger and frequently uses Instagram. 

The actual issue is that through the wireless router Instagram (and ebay apps) do not update pictures. Not a train smash.. but annoying enough especially when if you turn off Wifi Instagram works perfectly on 3G.

Some additional points to make:

- The issue was happening with the old router (so not a new problem)
- Apps work perfectly around friends houses on their Wifi
- Visitors to our house experience the same problem with Instagram not updating
- For a while videos on Facebook would not play (they just hung waiting to play), although this seems to work now?
- When the computer is plugged into the Modem directly (via the Ethernet cable) the Instagram website works perfectly, which makes us think the problem is occurring at the point of going through the Wifi
- eBay App also takes a long time to bring up a photo of an item, if it brings it up at all. Again, when using the Laptop plugged into the Ethernet, eBay is fine
- We are getting pretty good results via Speedtest (I have had anywhere between 19mbs and 37mbs) which we're happy with


Netgear are being difficult and not wanting to help us as the router is classed as 'old stock' and technically shouldn't have been sold to us (funny that seeing multiple retailers are selling it?). I'm fighting this with them, but to be honest would rather turn to you people for help. 

Vodafone have been great in all honesty. A guy went through all kinds of settings over the phone with us including the Ethernet cable test etc but we kind of came to the conclusion that what Vodafone are supply is working fine and the break happens at point of going wireless.  

I honestly think this must be a setting that we can change to enable these apps to correctly display.

Anyway.. over to you guys and girls and I'd really appreciate any help you can give us. Small issue I know, but when things don't work how they are supposed to.. its get very frustrating (especially for the wife haha). 

Thanks in advance, Mark