I am not sure if this is the correct section, however most of the products I have that seem to perform 50% of what I want to do are Bluetooth.

I am looking for a solution to basically call forward my cell phone to VOIP line.

Until a service like Grand Central has Canadian numbers, when I call forward my HTC P4000 to VOIP line (US based VOIP provider), I incur long distance changes.

I have looked at a number of products:

Dock N talk
XLink (they have something coming)
Patheon (used to have product, very expensive)
Grand Central (do not have Canadian numbers)
Panasonic Bluetooth 900MHZ home phone
Uniden EBT595 (did not support many cell phones)

Most of the solutions I have seen resolve the issue of people wanting to use POTS telephone to answer calls from cell phones. They use Bluetooth to setup the telephone as a headset profile on the cell phone.

I want to be able to use the same phone to send/receive calls from VOIP line and/or cell line, almost the reverse of BT Fusion.

Ideally, when I get to my home/office, I would like to connect my cell phone up to my VOIP (POTS phone) and be able to choose what line I make outbound call and receive all inbound calls from POTS phone.

Any suggestions.