For some time I have had an ongoing problem with the wifi mysteriously dropping off and sometimes reconnecting sometimes not on all laptops. It got so bad we thought it was the age of the AP and replaced it (which worked out ok as we dumped the sticky tape p100 firewall at the same time).

After months of 5-10 minute intermittent connection stability I finally got annoyed enough to start doing some reading. I discovered that you can change the aggressiveness of the the wifi.

This is the description ....
"This setting allows you to define how aggressively your wireless client roams to improve connection to an access point.
Default: Balanced setting between roaming stickiness and performance.
Lowest: Your wireless client is very sticky. Only significant link quality degradation causes it to roam to another access point.
Highest: Your wireless client continuously tracks the link quality. If any degradation occurs, it tries to find and roam to a better access point."

I did not even know it was possible to do this. There are several other options which will make a marked difference.

I changed the settings at 9 this morning to lowest and have been able to maintain a stable uninterrupted connection since.

If you have the same problem, the answer might be in the advanced settings in the device manager rather than looking at the AP itself