I am a layman wrt computer/ LAN etc etc and i am confused while setting up a bluetooth network to share internet. i have two problems which i wish someone answer:

Problem 1

I have a lan in my office with DSL over all the connected PCs. I have bluetooth connected to my PC and i can connect to my pocket pc via bluetooth. But i want to use the interner running on my pc over pocket pc using bluetooth as a medium. how?

Problem 2

I have a mobile with internet/GPRS connection and i have configured it with my PC to share internet over my PC. But i want to use the internet on my pocket pc now simultaneously. How?

Any explanation / clarification from my side will be answered.

specs of my equipments is as follows:

Desktop having windows xp service pack 2
Pocket pc is imate PDA2K and
mobile is sony eric k750

Looking for your +ve reply.