Many Windows Vista users will be familiar with the issue of 60-second wireless lag spikes - an issue caused when Windows polls for new wireless networks, causing a huge spike in latency and 100% for for a 2 - 5 second period every minute, on the minute. This was also an issue in XP, but had a simple fix. Those users with a combination of Windows Vista and the aformentioned wireless device might be pulling their hair out trying to solve the issue, as was I earlier tonight, so here is the solution I've just discovered.

You will have noticed from Googling around that there's a couple of little software packaged which are designed to solve this problem, however they'll only work with wireless devices for which the drivers are not native Vista drivers, but retro-fitted XP drivers. The early D-Link Vista drivers are these retro fitted drivers, and in fact usually wont even require the software to work perfectly. However, if you set Windows to automatically install all updates, as I did, it will update you to the newest G122 drivers without you even knowing. The solution is very simple - in Device Manager, double click your device, go to the Drivers tab, and roll back your drivers to the older Vista version.

I've been trying to figure out this infuriating problem all night, so I hope at least one person can benefit from my solution.