Dear all,

I have a synology 412+ in which I created a shared directory call Public so that users could place files to swap and it seems to work fine.

Last week I backed up a new W7 install onto a USB drive and copied it to the Public directory.

If I login with a browser as a normal user and use the File Station app to look at this public directory I see a number of files and foders with owners listed Andy, Kate, admin, 1000 etc.

I think the owner 1000 files/folders are those I have copies accross from Ubuntu where I have automounted various NAS directories. ie NASphoto, NASmusic, NASpublic.

if I look in the public directory on the NAS I see the directory WindowsImageBackup with owner 1000.

My problem is that I cant open/copy/move this directory unless I am logged in with admin rights.

None of the other folders/files with any other owners have this problem.

So why is there a folder in my public directory which can only be opened/copied if the user has admin rights even though the owner isn't admin ?