Hi guys.


I have too much spare time on my hands, and to kill some of that spare time, I have installed virtual PC 2007, and I'm almost constantly adding operating systems to my list.


The networking part is complete, all the virtual, and physical machines see each other, and works excellently.




However, I've set up a Windows 2000 Server virtual machine, I'm still experimenting, so I haven't connected all the machines to the grid, but the virtual machines I use constantly for testing is a Windows 2k Pro VM, and a XP pro SP3 vm, and both of those machines connect fine to the active directory I set up on the VM, folder direction even works, but I'm having issues applying the lockdown policies, it logs on to a default 2000, or default XP session, and ignores the severe lockdown settings I specified, and I made sure I applied the relevant groups, and OUs. The policy is within a OU, and I have a group in the same OU, which controls the permissions of the folder redirection, and that works fine.

On a side note, I'm also experimenting with a old w98se VM, and how does one block people from pushing escape, and going to the desktop without entering a password. Years ago, when I was at school. I remember they had that enforced, and when someone attempted to push escape, they had a error saying "Please insert password"