After I booted my installation of windows on a different motherboard, which had intel 802.11ac and bluetooth onboard, it installed all sorts of other stuff that basically broke my bluetooth on the cheap little CSR 4.0 dongle I had been using for a long time.

I removed all the intel stuff in device manager with it showing devices not present, but the install file I have for CSR harmony is going on about license expired and to get the latest version of it. Taking the machine offline and setting the clock back did nothing to solve that problem. Im guessing the drivers were not quite legit for some hardware that is possibly not actually really made by CSR. Tried the same installer and USB stick on another PC that never got the intel bluetooth rubbish installed and same thing happens.

So, I am guessing that I should spend a little more than $4 on a bluetooth dongle to get it working.

What ones have people used that are known to work with windows 7, to provide apt-x for audio so its actually listenable, and hopefully not cost a moderate fortune.