Hi all, 


Hope everyone had an awesome long weekend.  I wanted to put out a question to everyone to see if this is just an isolated issue or potentially something bigger. 


I live in Newmarket and have UFB in the apartment where I live.  From Friday last week, I noticed that I was getting a lot of error messages where the DNS failed to resolve when visiting web pages.  After pushing the F5 button a number of times, the page eventually loads either fully or most of the time with partial bits of the page missing... 


Then I saw the news about the DDoS attacks on DYN




which led me to think that this could have contributed to the slacking performance of the internet. 


A quick check on Vodafone's website reported that there were no issues with their network, and also my other devices including wifey's laptop seemed to have the same problems with visiting websites.  




This issue carried on for the weekend which kind of sucks and also very inconvenient, however first thing this morning after turning on the laptop, everything seems to be working as normal.... 


I haven't called Vodafone as I have better things to do with my time than sitting on hold, but just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this issue over the long weekend as well?


Another possibility is that everyone in my apartment block started to stream movies/games etc and utilizing the max capacity of the line coming in and out of the apartment building during the long weekend, which possibly could have made things difficult for me to connect?