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Master Geek

#222659 22-Aug-2017 17:36
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Hello all,


Sorting out electrical plans for our new house build - needing some help picking mainly the switch.


Current house uses Fritz 7490 for net + voip and Fritz 7390 as a repeater for out back as the powerline adapters didn't work too well in this home (shoddy internal cabling perhaps). Looking to get rid of the repeater setup in the new home + wired ethernet for all PC's.


Draft plan for new house:


3 x data/phone in lounge (electrician said there MUST be 3 here)
2 x data/phone in master (same as above - I don't even want a phone line here but they said it's a must)
1 x data point in bed 2,3 and 4
Each person has their own desktop switch already being used to "power" consoles, PC, chromecast, NAS etc which is why we have allowed for just 1 data point in the bedrooms.


We'll be keeping the Fritz in the meantime for VOIP/modem but I do have 2 x Ubiquiti AC-Lites that I would like to use for the AP's (given through work).


I suppose I'm looking for a switch with POE ports, but even so most of them only support 802.3af/at POE so was advised to purchase the Ubiquiti indoor gigabit adapter as well. How would it work if I decided not to buy the adapter and just use the included injectors?


Anyone got any switch suggestions for me? The Ubiquiti ones that have support for 24V passive are quite pricey so looking for alternatives.


Cheers all


Placements of points:


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Uber Geek


  #1850574 22-Aug-2017 17:58
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I would highly recommend getting more ports installed. While I realise each room currently has their own "switch" you may have future requirements such as say HDMI over cat6 or IR, or any number of other applications you want to run from your central wiring location or from rooms to each other.


For the potential future inhabitants of your house who may not have switches and for the reason above its worth spending a little bit more now as its infinitely harder once the house is built.


Also there is no distinction between phone/data these days. Everything is data, phone just happens to be able to work on data cables.

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Uber Geek


  #1850578 22-Aug-2017 18:01
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My 3BR house has about 30 ports and I've already found a couple of places where I should have put more. Double everything except the 3 in the living and add 2 each in the lounge (4 if there's a TV in there), kitchen and garage.


Trust me....


Cheers - N







Please note all comments are the product of my own brain and don't necessarily represent the position or opinions of my employer, previous employers, colleagues, friends or pets.


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Ultimate Geek

  #1850629 22-Aug-2017 18:58
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for a start i would run a minimum of 2 cables to each outlet as a rule of thmb, also cable is cheap, and it will be cheaper to run it all now rather than later and climbing through the celing and so on,
for a cheap 24v poe switch try ER-X-SFP, i did have to update it to the latest firmware and set it up in to switch mode and it works great as a little poe switch to power up to 5 24v devices for about $160 ish from pbtech, i have a few of these powering a couple of radios and uaps for a setup that i have going for the olds and a few other sites and they are cheaper than the Ubiquiti 5 port poe switch

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Ultimate Geek

  #1850631 22-Aug-2017 19:13
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Depending on the version of your Ubiquiti AC-Lites you may be able to use 802.3af/a - the newer version I understand can use either Ubiquiti "passive" OR 802.3. So that would increase your choice of switch, if you didn't want to use the injectors.


However your easiest option is probably to use the injectors you have and then just buy any switch you want - don't need to pay extra for PoE etc.


For a switch the key things for me would be silent (no fans), layout for installation into cabinet, and obviously number of ports. Remember it is easy to link switches up i.e. have multiple ones if you need to in future.

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Uber Geek

  #1850772 22-Aug-2017 22:43

Add cables in the ceilings for the AC Lites. Also more cables in ceilings for future IP camera installations around front door, corners of house etc. Garage - to workbench and garage door opener (future automation of door opener). If you will be getting an alarm system with the alarm control box in a different location to your networking gear - a cable to that as well.

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Master Geek

  #1850798 23-Aug-2017 01:15
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Thanks for the responses so far.


I would need at least a 16 port switch to fit the points I'm wanting above, so will have a couple extra, or quite a lot if I go 24. I don't think it's necessary to have more than 24 ports, none of us are into entertainment systems, IP cameras etc and 24 ports is more than most houses/flats would have. While I appreciate that needs will increase over time, I'm not quite as techy as a lot of you so really just seems like money going down the drain.


Trying to convince the partner to put ports in the ceiling for the AP as it looks clean and is out of the way, but she dislikes the way they look and is already annoyed with the ports I asked for so far.


Looking at one of the two switches below - unmanaged 24 port, no POE. So will need to just use the injectors for the AP's (sadly my APs are confirmed to only be 24V passive). Can really only find 8 port POE or something like the ERX-5-SFP you pointed out above with included POE so not sure how I would connect them up if I got both the 24 port + 8 port for POE for instance.


I guess we'll see what we can fit into the budget but any other model recommendations would be appreciated if you have any experience with them

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Uber Geek

Lifetime subscriber

  #1850800 23-Aug-2017 01:48
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If you're not needing PoE then look at the UniFi Switch 24:


They're a bit more pricey (yes) but they also have some pretty good features on them and integrate with your UniFi network. Consider also ditching the Fritz!Box for a UniFi Security Gateway and a VoIP adapter (since 2degrees finally allows this).


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Master Geek

  #1851410 23-Aug-2017 17:42
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Thanks michaelmurfy.


Not sure I want to be staying on the Ubiquiti bandwagon given how expensive all their items are - if you use the features they offer, I'm sure it's well worth the cost but I have absolutely no need for a managed switch and don't see myself needing one in the near future. We've survived using just the Fritz + repeater which probably goes to show how not advanced we are :) The "upgrade" is mostly because the flatmates would like wired for their gaming/remote access into work and will be easier to add ports during the build rather than later as everyone has pointed out. 


Actually have a Grandstream AP sitting at home waiting for me (overseas atm so haven't tried it out) and my relatives are keen on my UAPs if I like the Grandstream better so probably will have more router/switch options instead of just Ubiquiti gear which is why I was considering basic switches + later a POE switch for when I decide to ditch the injectors.


I have been considering removing the Fritz for a while now - the only reason I kept it was as my parents insisted on calling landline-landline. I guess I could set this up on my mobile through an SIP app if I ask for my SIP details from 2D (you mention they now allow this - in the past I don't think they gave those details out).

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Uber Geek


  #1851419 23-Aug-2017 18:01
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I got a pretty basic setup. 


Just moved in last week to my new place that I built.


I put the ethernet ports in my bedroom in the wrong spot. However everything else I am happy with. I got 2 UAP's on the ceiling. One on each level and the wi-fi is outstanding throughout the entire place. This is mainly down to the fact that I put 3 ethernet ports behind each TV. 2 ethernet ports in the office (maybe should have gone more). Brush plates behind each TV too so I can pull the cables through the wall as I desire.


In the end I got a 24 port gig switch, and edgerouter PoE. The network runs really well. Really pleased.


I also got sky installed. The sky tech has been awesome in regards to TVs and TV cables etc both for the satellite & the freeview.

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Uber Geek


  #1851429 23-Aug-2017 18:19
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The topology view alone makes the unifi switches worth it IMO.


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Master Geek

  #1851962 24-Aug-2017 14:22
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One thing I suggest - we did it 23 years ago before fibre and before Sky sat TV- is to have some empty ducting (we used central vac pipes) between ceiling and floors. With this in places were able to retrofit TV, satellite, burglar alarm extension, and upgrade from Cat 5 to Cat 6 cabling for gigabit networking as well as network cables for TV and music streaming as those things came along. It cost very little at the time of construction and meant everything was easy to install without ripping walls open or running surface cables.

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Uber Geek


  #1858603 5-Sep-2017 00:42
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Add cables in the ceilings for the AC Lites. Also more cables in ceilings for future IP camera installations around front door, corners of house etc. Garage - to workbench and garage door opener (future automation of door opener). If you will be getting an alarm system with the alarm control box in a different location to your networking gear - a cable to that as well.



And dont forget to check whether you may decide to get a door intercom in future, and its often worth adding a ceiling/high level outlet for a potential wireless AP and an extra double outlet behind any wall-mounted TV. I don't understand why the single bedrooms are only getting single outlets -- kids are likely to need more networking than you do and somebody could decide to use a room as an office in future too. Usually any general outlet thats not for something specific would be minimum double. We normally use Allied Telesys PoE switches, but whats that 24V stuff? Standard-compliant PoE (ie not the cheap injector that came with the cheap and nasty repeaters etc) is 48VDC.

Qualified in business, certified in fibre, stuck in copper, have to keep going  ^_^

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Master Geek

  #1869053 20-Sep-2017 09:55
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Sorry for the lack of response - been a little busy lately.


Electrician has priced out the parts/labour....Any thoughts on his pricing/choices? Seems a little..excessive for just the networking portion. I've attached the quote given to me below. 


To re-iterate, the plan is now:


12 x ethernet ports (2 each bedroom, 4 in living room)
2 x POE ports in the ceiling (1 living room, 1 hallway), 6 x POE around the house for IP camera/doorcam (placement to be confirmed)
2 x phone (1 living room, 1 master bedroom) - should I reduce this to one as my phones are currently DECT phones that connect up to one base anyways
2 x TV point (1 lounge, 1 master bedroom)


My confusion with the quote:


- Quoted for distribution box cabinet (in wall type) + 18RU data cabinet with fans. My floor plan already has a "comms box" inside the garage. Is this different to the distribution box? As currently, my garage would then contain comms box + distribution box + data cabinet judging by his quote??
- Is there something special with the TV splitter quoted - it's so expensive when compared to something like this
- "Cat6 RJ45 Mech" - Are these the keystones? Again seems a little expensive given parts for putting together the cabling/wallplates are quite cheap but this is $15 exc GST so maybe I've mistaken this for something else
- IP camera cable - don't have any security cams so not sure if I need this? Extra POE ports are just for futureproofing


Had a dig through my garage and found some of my networking gear + bits and bobs from friends/work which I'd like to use:


SMC Gigabit 24 Port Switch (SMCGS2410)
Dynamix Cat6 24 Port Patch Panel PP-C6-24
8 Port POE switch (some generic brand but works well)
Grandstream GWN7610 AP (yet to test this)
Unifi AC-Lite AP (I probably won't use this because it's passive POE as opposed to at/af like the Grandstream)


I was thinking perhaps:
Getting a smaller distribution box just for the ONT / router / TV / Phone connections:
And then an open rack mount like this for the switches just for tidiness:
I suppose that 16 port patch panel is also a necessity since all up it's using 26? ports around the house, and leaves me room for expansion


Thoughts / Observations would be appreciated


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  #1869467 20-Sep-2017 15:08
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Your 8 port switch seems a tad high , 




These are $259

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Master Geek

  #1869637 20-Sep-2017 18:18
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Yep - won't be needing his quoted switches as I already have both a 24 port gigabit switch + an 8 port POE switch which I will be providing for them.


Main issue I'm having with his quote is the necessity for 2 cabinets + there's a comms box already planned for in the garage as part of the build + the weirdly expensive TV splitter. 

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