I have been setting up an Asterisk box for a VoIP system at my home. I dug up an old Linksys WRT54G that I had an flashed it with OpenWrt White Russion. After setting it all up and putting it on my network, I added the QoS package and configured it for VoIP.

My question is, I have noticed with QoS turned off, a speedtest with WxC gives me down 3Mpbs and up 700kbps, but with QoS on it gives me only about 2Mbps down and 560kbps up. Is this normal?

The only QoS settings I have really got in there is:
- Express - VoIP and 5190
- Normal - 20,21,25,80,110,443,993,995
- Priority - 22, 53
- Bulk - bittorrent
- Bulk - peer-2-peer

I don't have anything else running on the network at the time that could be stealing bandwidth when I was doing these tests. Therefore, I would expect the speedtest to run at full speed (less a little overhead for the QoS perhaps) and therefore little to no difference between these tests. Can anyone tell me why my speed is going so slow with QoS on?

Also, the only way I could figure out to enable SIP QoS was to add a rule giving all traffix coming my the source IP address of my Asterisk box Express priority. There is no Layer-7 option for SIP in OpenWrt. Anyone have a suggestion on how else I could do this?