I posted about this in the Bigpipe forums in December, but didn't receive any advice, so I'm hoping someone here has experienced similar and may have an issue.


I keep getting connection reset issues while browsing to reddit. It happens across multiple computers and browsers, both wireless and wired. I've tried using a different DNS, and the issue still occurs. Running through a VPN fixes the issue, however, that's not a permanent solution for us, as my wife does a lot of work from home, among other reasons. It happens across multiple devices (android, ios, windows and linux). If I shut down the browser and reopen it, it corrects the issue briefly (usually about a half hour or so).


I've tried different DNS servers (Google public, Level 3 and others) and it seems to keep happening. I am using an ERL3 (using the set up posted here for Bigpipe) on a Bigpipe VDSL connection. I have ipv6 enabled and working no problem (though this shouldn't be an issue since reddit is ipv4 only). I had Bigpipe change my static IP, which fixed the issue on some sites, but not all. I hate to ask them to switch it again if it's not going to fix the issue. I can post my ERL set up if needed. I'm just kind of at my wits end trying to fix this, so I'm open to just about anything. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.


If this belongs in another forum thread, let me know.