Hi, i have a lot to get rhough so get ready...

I recently reformatted my Sony Vaio Notebook (model number - PCG-Z1WAP). After reformatting i noticed i had to donloead and install some drivers to get the wireless, sound video etc to work. I did this and everything is working fine. However, the bluetooth isnt.

Before the reformatting, there used to be an option in the taskbar which would enable you to chose wheter you wanted teh wireless LAN on, Bluetooth on or both on. However, this is not there anymore and the bluetooth does not work.

The light on my laptop says the bluetooth is on, but Bluespace NE says "Bluetooth Power is off. Please turn it on."

I have downlaoded the original drivers for the bluetooth from www.esupport.sony.com but this had no effect.

Is there some software which i have to download to get it to work? Do i have to install some other driver?

What is going on!!!

Please help.

P.S. OS = Windows XP SP2