I used to have a Brother HL-2040 Laser Printer but unfortuantely its life came to and end not so long ago. It worked really well with our D-Link DI-704UP Router with Built in USB print server despite all the documentation for the 2040 stating the printer was GDI based.

Based on the fact that the 2040 worked well, and some promising information for the first result of this google search I purchased a HL-2140 to replace the HL-2040 (As they don't make these any more).

Problem is I simply cannot print. If I try and print I just get an error. I have setup the drivers correctly and set the printer to the correct port settings to send it to the print server, but nothing even prints.

I tried plugged it directly into the computer and re-installing it locally, which worked fine, but as soon as I tell it to print to the Print Server port, the printing just fails.

Does anyone have any suggestions here? Or have I just purchased a $149 paperweight?