Looking at http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=66&TopicId=24194 which was locked.

Pretty much one should understand that the PS3 requires a PC (or Media Box) Media Server to pick up shares, normally via uPnP, which differs from SMB shares, in which some may in a common example, share a folder normally on a Windows PC, this would show as SMB type share on a Xbox/XBMC kinda console, though on the PS3 you need either Windows Media Centre built-in or the MCE edition of Windows or use a third party piece of software, TVersity a popular one.

I used to use it with my PS3 and three PC network which had 2 machines on XP sharingvia TVersity and another on Vista. Though Vista (im no big fan) does pick up Media Shares, much like you'll see in the Windows Update of WMP11, re the Media Sharing and Share My Media options.

I guess a few know what I mean but for the benefit of the doubt of those who don't I thought I would put this post up.