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I have a Zeversolar inverter for my Solar Panels. This is connected by Wifi to my existing router for the past couple of years without any issues.


We are about to move house and I want to leave the system connected to another router with a new SSID name.




I've followed the instructions for changing the wifi detail (restart inverter, etc) but while the new SSID shows up on when I use the Zevercloud app on my phone, it only shows as a red (bad) connection and never as green (good). 


I initially suspected I was trying to connecting using 5GHZ signal but I disable this on the router to force the 2.4 GHZ signal but I still got a red connection. 


I can only assume that I haven't managed to reset clear the reference to the original SSID and that's why it won't connect. Is the some where to force the wifi change?