Hi All


Im looking to upgrade our home wifi, im having a few dead spots and want to eliminate these.


We have a large L Shape home.  Approx 250sqm.  Ive provided a picture


Red spots are where my current router will not cover at all.And outside the house i also get limited coverage in areas where we sit etc..


Have structured cabling.  so a central hub.  with fibre connection in garage, and a 8 port switch in there with 36 ports for patching.  Have 2 patch ports going to central location where the star is.  This holds my current router and nas.  one port is the feed from fibre device, the second port return back to the patch panel and into the switch.  


Looking at the following models


ORBI RBK23  - Negatives .. 2 lan ports on router only, i wanted 3 so i can attach my nas, but could get around this using other spots in the house where my switch connects.  


ORBI RBK30 - i like the wall options, but it comes with only one, and id need two and cant seem to find a second easily ( anyone selling theirs )


ORBI RKB50 - more powerful, more antenna, more ports, but only two devices so not sure it would cover all the house the way i wanted, unless i have to relocate where the router is, which is an annoyance.


So the question is, would the RBK50 actually the the whole house with a central location, or will i risk some more dead spots?  


Any oter idsadvantges to the RBK 23 .. i know the backhaul is less, is that an issue, my tv , ps4 and other streaming devices will be wired to the network, so not wireless.  i have a number of wireless devices ( arlo, phone, ipads etc.. but nothing super traffic hungry ).


fyI currently using the Spark default router 659b i think it is ( dual band ) , preference is for one SSID across the house.


Happy to hear of other systems, i dont mind the wall plug options that the RBK30 comes with as i have network and power at most locations, but wasnt keen on the EX7300 i have tried to use, seems un-reliable, and impacts the 5g alot. or looking at other wireless extensions not really my goal.


Happy to buy used kit for this, wanting to spend around 300 - 350 at the most ideally.  seems realistic for trademe pricing etc..




Keen on thoughts.. thanks




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