The wifi coverage in my three-storey house is terrible because how the house is constructed with lots of walls and floors. I cannot easily route cables through the house because there is no ceiling crawl space and there is only underfloor crawlspace for half the house -- see house diagram. The OHP was installed at one end of the house in the garage (this was the only place they could put it) and as a result the Wifi at the other end of the house was non-existent. I have solved the problem by getting two Unifi AP hardwired to an Edgerouter (which is next to the OHP), one at the garage and one at the stairwell between the three stories which is as far as I can take it with cable. 



The above setup has improved the situation such that we can stream SD Netflix to the living area but the speed at the home office and at the top floor bedroom is still bad. I am wondering if a meshed system will be the solution, and if so which one would give best outcome with the least outlay?


The options I have been considering:




1. Replace the EdgeRouter and the two Unifi AP's with a three pack Orbi or google Wifi


2. Add one or two Unifi UAP mesh and keep the existing Unifi AP


3. Replace the existing Unifi AP with two Unifi UAP mesh




Other considerations


I have drilled holes in the wall of the stairwell to mount the current Unifi and I am hoping to leave it there or mount a new AP there to hide the holes so I don't have to patch the holes in the wall. There is no AC power there, and currently the AP is powered by PoE.


I am not married to Ubiquiti although it serves me ok so far. I am thinking about Unifi UAP Mesh as a single unit would be cheaper than replacing the whole system.




Thanks for any advice!