My network topology is pretty simple:


ONT -> Modem/Router (WiFi disabled) -> 8-port switch.


Connected to the switch are:


  • NAS
  • Raspberry PI
  • 4 x LAN ports in the house


    • In one of the LAN ports in the living room I currently have a Xiaomi Mi Router, which serves as WiFi access point.

It's causing issues, e.g. dropping connections, and it's only 100 mbit.


I want to replace it with a single Google WiFi. Area to be covered is only ~100 m2, so one should be fine.


Also looked at Ubiquiti, e.g. the AC Lite, but I read somewhere else that it may cause issues with Chromecast. Plus, I can get the Google WiFi for free on Flybuys. I also don't need / want to tinker with the settings, Google WiFi seems to be just plug and play.


Just checking that I can just replace my Xiaomi Mi Router with a single Google WiFi to serve as my single WiFi access point?