Hi All,

Hoping someone may help me uncover some answers to whats becoming a real pain in the backside.

Recently purchased new rig and initially had some internet connectivity problems, ie. dropping off every 15-20 mins. After some serious forum digging found that there was a slight driver issue with my motherboards network adapter, so updated driver and hey presto i was in business.

Over Labour weekend this problem has resurfaced and I have absolutely no idea why, i've tried a number of forum suggestions, rung some less than qualified people at Telecom and sworn profusly for several hours. Im running a Linksys WAG200g on Telecom Broadband with one other laptop occasionally sharing the connection (Even with it turned off the connection is still being dropped LIKE IT IS NOW *sigh* hopefully i dont lose this post lol.) The 'Internet' light with turn off, then turn red - after about 1-2 mins the red light will dissapear and it looks as though its attempting to recconect.

If this is familiar and someone has a solution I'd love to hear it - otherwise please direct me to a decent, cheap technician!