I have been using OpenDNS very successfully over the last couple of months.  It looks like it is working well (doing what it is supposed to do) and can easily be configured.  The dashboard also seems informative enough to still be useful, even using the basic free plan. 


Since this weekend, however, I have been receiving a "Malware/Botnet Activity Detected Last 14 Days" message in OpenDNS when logging in.  But when looking at the stats as per their guidance here, I come up empty-handed.  




I then searched the OpenDNS community forum, but the closest I could get is some speculation to a false positive on the windows update.  This "false positive" could be true as I have been working from home with my work laptop (running windows).  All 11 of my home machines are Linux/BSD based.  There are also a couple of Android phones, which might be the most likely candidate as the teens are extensively using "free wifi" and probably exploring where they shouldn't...


Anyone also receiving this error or could point me in a direction to ascertain if this is a false positive or not?