Hi all,

Well just got my Belkin bluetooth device and im having some difficulties getting all of my bluetooth devices to work with it. First off here are some sytem specs:

Widcomm Driver v
Win XP Pro w/SP1

PDA: Tungsten T2
Phone: Motorola v505

So, I followed the Tungsten guide here at geekzone as far as setting up my PDA. Also, my bluetooth connection properties are as follows:

DNS: Is as it appears in ipconfig /all

Basically, when i go to connect to my desktop from my pda i can get to the "Signing on" screen but then its always follwed by Error:Timeout (0x1212). When I check the logs it says my IP is with a gateway. I was like, WTF so i went into My Bluetooth places and clicked on my already paired PDA and selected "discover all services". To my suprize the only one that showed up was "OBEX object push: send business card" So i tried sending a buisness card to my pda... it worked fine. Am i to assume thats all that i can do between my PDA and desktop? What i really want to do is to be able to transfer files and pictures and accessthe internet via bluetooth.

After having little success with my PDA i figured id give my mobile a try. I was able to transfer files and music with no problems. Now Im assuming thats because I have 4 services listed for my mobile as opposed to the 1 listed for the PDA.

One last thing, My network is setup using a DHCP enabled router with a address could that be causing any issues? I realize that my bluetooths address is out of range but all the guides ive seen say that it has to be that address.

Thanks for the help,