Okay so this might sound like a stupid question but I need help with connecting to the internet via the ethernet port(cat5) in my apartment to my laptop. 

To be more specific I was wondering if it is at all possible to simply plug the enternet cable into the wall jack and then connect the other end of the cable to the ethernet port on my laptop? Without having to set up the connection the only way I know how too:

*wall jack>ethernet cable>modem>ethernet cable>router>computer. (wired)

*wall jack>ethernet cable>modem>ethernet cable>wireless router>computer. (wireless)

The reason I ask this is because I know of other students that can connect to the internet in their dorms rooms and other locations by simply pluggin an ethernet cable into the wall. then into the computer, be it a laptop or desktop.  I'm wondering if I could set up a gateway or access point maybe? here is a list of the equipment that I have.

-Vaio Laptop
-x4 Ethernet cables (25ft)
-Wireless router w/ adapter for my laptop
-wall jack

If anyone knows of any way possible for me to connect to the internet via what I listed please respond. I'm in need of some answers because I only keep frustrating myself even more by not figuring it out.