I am creating a new thread on Belkin F8T030 Bluetooth Access Point since the old thread is locked, and I thought I would shar that I was able to get the print server to print from Mac OS 10.4.11 & 10.5.6 and Vista.
Inm Mac OS X just create a LPR printer port, and use the IP address assigned to the print server. I would also recommend that DHCP not be used in this case, and a static IP should be assigned. Also to minimize any type of hacks into the print server, don't install the gateway address and it will not route outside your local lan.
The Belkin software was also not upgraded to wortk with Vista, but you really don't need it, In Windows XP x32 or X64 & Vista x32 or x64, just create a local TCP/IP port, add the IP of the printer and under device, select Network Print server ( 2 USB ports ).

I had troble finding the firmware on Belkins website but found the link of the
Belkin F8T030 Bluetooth Access Point thread, however when attempting the upgrade using the utility and this URL the install would fail. ( which may have been due to my slow internet connection or the download spped from the server).  However, if I downloaded the flash.bin file locally, and created my own webserver, the install was succdessful and I was able to flash the print server to version
#BTAP 2.0 (Build 21 ) Mon Feb 21 11:01:57 PST 2005

Hope this helps,

Jose F. Medeiros