Hie all!

I am currently doing a Bluetooth ECG Monitoring PDA System project which is connect a bluetooth module to my PDA. The PDA acts as the master, while the bluetooth module acts as the slave(attached to a Microcontroller development kit). The PDA program need to create connection to the slave, receive the data from the microcontroller+bluetooth module and display the ECG signal on the PDA . In the meanwhile, the microcontroller+bluetooth module need to accept the connection and send data to the PDA.

Until this stage, I've successfully developed the microcontroller code which prepare the Bluetooth module(slave) to be scanned/detected by the PDA(Master). This includes writing HCI commands (RESET, SCAN_WRITE_ENABLE and SET_EVENT_FILTER) to the bluetooth module and check the event package received.

The problem occured here. I had been trying to develop a program in VB.Net to create a Bluetooth connection to the microcontroller+bluetooth module. I used the .dll file in BTAccess evaluation kits from www.high-point.com. However, I couldn't connect my PDA with the bluetooth module by using the functions provided. I used the Bluetooth Manager of my PDA to detect the remote device. I managed to detect the bluetooth module, but there is no services/profiles that the microcontroller+bluetooth module could support.

My PDA model is IPAQ h1940 which employs Windows Mobile 2003. Below is the specification of my Bluetooth in my IPAQ (BTW-CE version 1.41):

BtCeStack.dll -
BtCeProfiles.dll -
BtChooserLib.dll -
BtCeSTack.dll -
BtCeSendTo_Poom.dll -
BtCeIf.dll -
BtCeOsif4.dll -
BtRez.dll -

On the other hand, the bluetooth module that I am using is Ericsson bluetooth Application Tool Kit (ROK 101 007). According to the ROK 101 007 datasheet, the module supports all profiles that comply with BT Spec v1.0B.

I would like to ask:

1. How am I going to create the connection with the microcontroller+bluetooth module? All I need is to create connection from the Master to the Slave. What functions can I use if I am going to build the code in VB.Net?

2. Is it possible that my Bluetooth PDA isn't compatible with the bluetooth module, that's why I couldn't make connection between them?

3. As the datasheet implies, the module supports all profiles. However, I couldn't find the profile it supports by using my Bluetooth Manager. DOes it mean that I need to write assembly code in my microcontroller to 'activate' these profiles huh? Is there a thing such that I write a code in my microcontroller so that the Bluetooth module support profiles such as Serial Port Profile?