Hi, I own an XDA2s and a logitech Mobile Freedom Headset, and have a couple of questions.

1. Why is the audio so crappy. I have tried updating the bluetooth stack to version build 3500, but this made no difference whatsoever. Is this a limitation with bluetooth, my headset or my phone, and secondly is there anything that can be done other than buying new equipment.

2. Why can I only hear phone calls over the headset? If I can get phone audio, then surely I should be able to recieve audio from apps on my phone such as media player. I accept that it will be mono, but I like the idea of listening to audio, even only through one ear without the goddamn mess of wires between my phone and my ears. Again, is this a bluetooth limitation, or a case of me not haveing the right gear?

Any suggestions, and or setups that others are using to get good audio over bluetooth with application support would be appreciated.