Newbie here, a BIG friend of NZ although based in Europe.....

I've searched around here but didn't find anything which seemed to fit....

The problem -

I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 with a bluetooth module installed. It says it has Widcomm version and BroadCom firmware when I click Bluetooth config in Control Panel (Windows XP SP3)

I seem to be able to activate it (I say seem to as when I try to turn discovery on and display the icon in the taskbar a message comes up saying an error occured when Windows was saving the settings but when I say OK to that the icon appears!!) The taskbar Bluetooth Network says a cable is unplugged, which I discovered on here is a normal message when nothing is connected, ok.

I have a Nokia E65 phone and it says it can see the Dell as a bluetooth pairable device but when I try to connect I cannot. I also learned from here that any passcode entered on the phone should be reflected back by the Dell, but I cannot pair.

Also, when  I look for bluetooth devices from the Dell it cannot find any, although the Nokia is set to be available.

Is that enough to be going on with??