2 weeks ago I brought a new Alpine CDE-103BT Head unit for my car. I have owned one of the old 160 gig classics for the last year and a half and at the time I brought the unit I was told this should all work sweet. Indeed all of the documentation from Alpine, and the Sales person, said this would not be a problem. 

The CDE-103EBT is an out of the box Blue Tooth enabled unit. Unfortunately from Day one, most times after I received a phone call, while playing my ipod, the Head Unit would givesme an "Error-03" message and stop playing my music.

Typcial User Steps:

When I get in the Car I hook up my classic through the high speed cable and pair my Nokia E65 to the head unit. The problem occurs randomly but frequently whenever:

1) I am listening to my Ipod before I recieve or intiate the call
2) and after the call has ended (either by myself or the caller, through the phone or the Head Unit)

At the point when the call has ended and it should go back to the Ipod it plays for a split second and then gives me the Error-03. Leaving the ipod connected while I turn the ingition off and then back on - like when I am shopping - seems to bring this error on more frequently.

When the error occurs I have to either switch the ignition off, or disconnect the ipod. Resetting the Ipod before reconnecting does not seem to make any difference at all.

The people I brought the Head Unit from are trying to say its an Ipod problem, yet I never had any problems with it and after I contacted the Australian Ipod help line they said it all appears to be working correctly. The firmware version I was on when I first tried the ipod on the head unit was 1.1.2. The Alpine manual said it should be 1.1.1 (then again you would expect them to be able to cope with updates) so as a last ditch attempt I downgraded the firmware on my ipod to 1.1.1, but it did not make a difference.

I am getting pretty frustrated with everything and I was wondering if anyone else has come accross this issue and even me helpful had they found a way to fix it.

If not has anyone had any postive expereinces with Alpine head units?