First the equipment being used.
Windows XP Home

Palmone Tungsten E2

Motorola V551

Now the issue:
I know it pretty much has to do with the laptop, but I'd thought I'd include as much info as possible. Well here is what I'm running into at the moment. I'm trying to send a picture from my palm to my laptop via bluetooth, but it won't allow it. I can send pictures back and for betwee my cell phone and PDA, and I can send picture from my laptop to my PDA, but I can't send pictures from my phone or PDA to my laptop. I don't even think my phone will detect the laptop even though it has in the past, but the PDA does detect it. Even when I turn on Bluespace NE it doesn't recognize that bluetooth is turned on...even though it is.
What I have tried already is to update the drivers, uninstall via the add/remove hardware in control panel and the computer found the devices automatically. I do have the device detect boxs clicked on the property for my bluetooth.
I don't know what to do and I hope you all can be of some assistance.