Hi All,

I'm a newbie to this forum! So a big "Hello" to everyone!

I currently have a big problem trying to configure my PDA as a remote control to control my PC, which I hope someone can clear things up for me.

I have a HP iPAQ PDA (no idea what the model is but very new with Pocket PC 2003) and I am trying to use VNC Viewer for PocketPC (PDA) and RealVNC (on PC) installed both software into prespective manchines. After installed the bluetooth dongle on my PC, I have been able to file share between the PC and the PDA, but don't seem to be able use the VNC function.

The PC is currently running VNC, and when I tried to open the viewer in the PDA, and typed in the IP address::5900 as server to connect to, it doesn't find it...= (

I researched a bit about the program but still haven't shed any light on why it doesn't work. Also I found that if I tried to share the Internet Connection from the PC, it often drops the Internet Connection when the Bluetooth/wireless connection starts between the PDA, not sure what is wrong there.

If anyone can help me, it would be great, as I needed an answer pretty quickly.

Thanks heaps!