I am running Windows XP SP2 on my computer with a Broadcomm BT dongle using Bluesoleil (latest version). My PDA is an Ipaq 3870 running WinCE 4.20. My LAN card on the computer is set to allow others to connect to the internet (i.e. it is "Shared) and uses a static IP of with the default gateway through the router which is set as static IP The PAN adapter is set to static IP which it was automatically assigned when the LAN adapter was "shared". There is no default gateway set for the PAN adapter. The Ipaq is set to static IP with no gateway set. All adapters have the same subnet of

I start the PAN service on my computer and it shows it is connected but I cannot get anything to come up on the Ipaq Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer shows it is using the PAN driver to access the internet and that is what the IP is set up on.

I can get Internet Explorer to work (sort of - I'll explain in a minute) if I set up Network connection useing the BT Null Modem with static IP If click the LAN connection shortcut icon on the Ipaq, I get connected and then open Internet Explorer. I can go to Google.com/pda and it comes up just fine. I can put a search term in and it comes back just fine. I can click on the "Next page" link and it does just fine. As ong as I remain on Google's site, I can move around all I want and have no problems. The minute I try to click on one of the search results, the waving flag shows it is trying to connect but it never does. I have been able to get to Skweezer.net and can move around it's site but like Google, I cannot get any connection to an outside link.

Notice that the above connection I described does not utilize the PAN adapter at all. It is not connected on my computer. I have tried turning it on, connecting to the Ipaq, and then connecting through the LAN connection on the IPAQ. This doesn't make any difference. I close my firewall before undertaking any attempt to connect to the internet through the Ipaq so it is not interfering with access to the Internet.

Why cann't I get the PAN connection working and why is the BT LAN connection able to get to some sites just fine (Google and Skweeze) but won't access any of the links outside of these domains? Any help anyone is willing to give will be very much appreciated.