hello friends
i really have a problem with my nokia 6630 bluetooth
its about the bluetooth warning toon
its toooo low and when someone sends me a bluetooth message
i hardly can hear it

i searched and searched over then net
some solutions say:
u can use programs like bedd
i used it and its like a chat program and it helped locally
i mean i had to install it over my device and over the other's devices

another solutions say:
lock at the rom memory of your phone by this path:
and try to change the default toon:
the probelm is that i dont have z: among my device's memories
i went to the same path "\Nokia\Sounds\Simple" in the "c:" partation and i never found any files,
they maybe protected
as well as i tried to find "*.rng" files in the internet
but i fount nothing matters
any other sulotions or programs???

pleaaaaaaze help i cant hear it when ppl are sending to me