Hi guys,

I came across this awsome software called skype PTT. according to the website it enables you to route the input and output of the soundcard (using virtual dub) over a bluetooth link, to your symbian phone (you can look the cracked version on e-mule under "SkypePTT"). The software has a PC side as well (a server that connects to your skype and routs the sound to your bluetooth).

My problem is with the phone side (i have Nokia 6620). whenever i try to hook the SkypePTT applet with the server on the PC (via bluetooth of course), i get the message "Unable to connect. Max number of BlueTooth connections already in use".

I tried everything! i disconnected the bluetooth option of the Nokia Desktop, heck, i even uninstalled the whole thing, yet i keep on getting the same message. i do not understand how come i maxed the bluetooth connections if i don't use any connection other than the desired SkypePTT.

I would appreciate your help on the subject.