Hi, I have a Vaio PCG-F160 running XP-SP1 and a Vaio FS315B running XP-SP2 in one partition and XP-SP1 in another. I recently bought a pair of Bluetooth USB Sticks branded DIKON. They are reported in various places as Broadcom USB Bluetooth devices. I'm using Widcomm Bluetooth software Version and everything works beautifully except when I try to put either laptop running XP-SP1 into standy at which point I receive a message saying "The driver for the Broadcom USB Bluetooth device is preventing the machine from entering standby".

Is there a driver update or registry alteration available that will cure this problem; with XP-SP2 I don't have this problem, however I use SP1 a lot because for certain other things SP1 suits me better.

Thanks in advance, Clive.